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Nitrous cracker - laughing gas dispenser

A nitrous cracker is used to crack open the N2o chargers. These tubes are the commonly sold nitrous tubes you can get at any store and even work on the whip cream tips. The gas that is stored in the charrgers is held under extreme presser and has to be released; this is where you would use your nitrous cracker. The small nitrous cracker is great because you can keep it in your pocket with a few balloons and keep your party going. The huge bulky nitrous cracker is hard to hide and it’s easy to see exactly what you are hitting. With this nitrous cracker you can easily go in a back room with a few of your friends and a few tube of nitrous and have a blast.

N2O Aluminum Dispenser FeaturesNitrous cracker

Briefly the most important features of this N2O Cracker are:

Nitrous cracker

N2O Brass Nitrous Dispenser

You can also find the same model of nitrous cracker made from brass material! Brass is known to be more durable and long lasting and less likely to corode than aluminum therefore you get optimum use for long periods of time. Briefly the most important features of this brass N2O Cracker are:

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With this nitrous cracker you can easily dispense your nitrous gas into a balloon. The gas has to be filtered into the balloon to expand and warm up; the gas is freezing when it comes out. If you try to bust the foil top nitrous whippet without a cracker then you are going to burn yourself with the cold gas. Any kind of balloon will work with this nitrous cracker. You can buy expensive balloons they last longer, but it is not needed.

Nitrous crackers are super easy to clean, all crackers get a black film in them that tastes like crap. If you don’t clean your nitrous cracker it is going to be a nasty hit. With the bigger and more complicated n2o crackers you can’t clean every part of them, after you first few nitrous chargers you are going to develop that black film and you are going to have to take nasty discussing hits.

Nitrous cracker durability

A Nitrous crackernitrous cracker or nos dispenser is unbreakable and is made of brass and aluminum. Don’t make some homemade contraption to crack your N2O; you are going to end up blowing your face off. These nitrous crackers are strong and aren’t going to leak or break. If you are thinking about going with a plastic N2o cracker, you better think again. Plastic crackers are junk and are just going to freeze up and break on you.

If your nitrous cracker breaks on you while it is close to your face you are probably going to the hospital for a gas burn. Don’t waste your money or spend money on a doctor bill and have to explain to them that you were hitting a whippet and burned your face from the gas, get a brass or aluminum cracker. You are going to be happy with your purchase and its going to last you a lifetime.

Nitrous cracker

How a N2O cracker works

A nitrous cracker is so easy to use even a cave man could do it: All that you have to do unscrew the 2 pieces and put your nitrous tube in the middle with the head on the pin inside and screw it down. Step two put your balloon on the end and unscrew the nitrous cracker gently until you hear the gas start to release into the balloon. Pinch the balloon off of the end. Put the balloon to your lips, inhale and get ready to laugh uncontrollably. Enjoy!

Online Shopping

You can purchase brass or aluminum crackers by simply filling the order form, using your credit card.Your information is secure (Secure Sockets Layer) and will not be disclosed or sold to any third party. Our secure server encrypts all personal information, including your name, address and credit-card information so that it cannot be read as it is transmitted over the Internet. For wholesale nitrous crackers plese contact us.

For wholesale and retail inquiries, please contact us at:

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